Happy Anniversary Wishes 2024 Images, Greetings, WhatsApp Status

Wedding anniversary is that special moment day when people remember and celebrate the golden moments of their life. At the same time, everyone sends greeting messages on someone’s wedding anniversary. If you also want to make someone’s anniversary special, then Happy Anniversary Wishes 2024 , Quotes, Images, Greetings, Status are for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been 1 year or 10 years of marriage, wedding anniversaries are always special.

Marriage Anniversary may be of your partner, of your parents, of sister or of a friend, it is necessary to send wedding anniversary wishes. That is why in this post, we have brought Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2024 for you, which you can send to your partner or relative.

Happy Anniversary Wishes 2024

Wedding anniversary is a very special day for any couple. To make this day more special, every couple makes some or the other preparation, to join in this happiness of the couple, their relatives and loved ones also send their good morning messages to the couples.

When it is the wedding anniversary of your special someone and if you send them a lovely message as soon as they wake up in the morning, then their happiness knows no bounds. If you also want to send congratulatory messages to someone close to you on the occasion of their anniversary, then we have brought one of the best greeting messages for you.

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Happy Anniversary Wishes 2023 Images, Greetings, WhatsApp Status

Vishvas ka yah bandhan yoon hi humesha bana rahe,
Aapke jeevan mein prem ka sagar yoon hi humesha bahta rahe,
Dua hai rab se sukh aur samrddhi se jeevan aapka humesha bhara rahe,
Shadi ki salgirah par aapko dheron shubhkamnaen.

अपने दिल की गहराई से दुआ दी है आपको,
रब का प्यार सदा ही मिले आपको,
कभी नज़र ना लगे इस प्यार को,
चाँद-सितारों से भी लंबा हो यह साथ आपको!!
सालगिरह मुबारक!

Apne dil ki gahrai se dua dee hai aapko,
Rab ka pyar sada hi mile aapko,
Kabhi nazar na lage is pyar ko,
Chand-sitaron se bhi lamba ho yah sath aapko!!
Salgirah Mubarak!

चांद और सितारों की तरह
चमकता रहे आपका जीवन,
खुशियों से भर जाए आपका जीवन,
हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी टू यू।

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Wedding Anniversary 2024 Quotes, Images, Greetings, Status

The bond of marriage is very beautiful, it not only connects two hearts, but also binds two families together. No matter how many years of marriage are completed, each year makes the relationship stronger. And, celebrating this relationship as a celebration adds more sweetness to this unbreakable bond.

For the rest of the day, if you are unable to make your partner feel special due to work, then do something special for them on this special day. Apart from the family on the wedding anniversary, you can plan any events with your partner. The wishes that remained unfulfilled at the time of marriage can be fulfilled.

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Happy Marriage Anniversary 2024 Tips

  • Cook food together at home- Make your favorite food together at home on marriage anniversary. You will feel very special while eating homemade tasty food together. While eating food at home, you will not have to worry about returning from outside on time.
  • Watch a  movie together- If both of you want to spend some good moments together, then you can watch your favorite movie together at home. Whether it is English or Hindi or any regional language film, you can enjoy your favorite film on OTT or DTH.
  • Play games together- Husband and wife can also have a good time playing many indoor games. For example, you can have a lot of fun playing ludo, chess, carrom board. While playing games, all kinds of worries go away and the mind remains happy.
  • Give a cute handmade gift- Instead of buying expensive gifts from the market, make a gift at home with your own hands, along with which write an emotional message to your partner. They love to know what husband and wife feel for each other. On this day, you can tell them how much you value their care and love.
  • Dance together- Life becomes hectic after marriage due to responsibilities. On wedding anniversary, both of you can relax at home, dance with each other while listening to some good music. Not only can you enjoy your wedding anniversary in the best possible way by dancing to your favorite songs, but you can also make these happy moments a part of your memories forever.
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Happy Anniversary Wishes 2024 FAQs

Why is Marriage Anniversary celebrated?

Usually people celebrate Marriage Anniversary so that their old memories can be refreshed.

Where is Wedding Anniversary celebrated?

Most of the people celebrate Wedding Anniversary by inviting some guests in their house and some people go out for dinner  on the day of Wedding Anniversary.

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